HR Management


hrHuman Resource Management is vital for any business to survive or especially to thrive. With the recent development and employment trends you may have noticed it is no longer enough to pay people to do their job. It is all about the extra benefits, the flexible working arrangements, the family discounts, the right employment contract. Aiming to attract and retain the best talent in this rather ‘’shrank’’ talent pool is hard itself, nevertheless of the financial and legal burden if you get it wrong. Spending days at Employment Tribunal hearings is not fun for either side involved. Do not wait till it is too late and even the best lawyer has troubles saving you. Gain the knowledge yourself or provide the means to the staff responsible today.

Courses We Deliver: Human Resource Practices that Make Impact, Advanced Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing, Building and Implementing  Human Resource Strategy, Fundamentals of Human Capital Management, Human Resource Management- Masterclass, Developing Effective Employee Strategies, The 5 day MBA in HRM, Talent Management, Avoiding Unconscious and Conscious Bias – Fair Practices for All, HR Outsourcing-Good or Bad for Your Business?

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