Authentic Leadership: Courage, Coaching & Ethics


Authentic Leadership: Courage, Coaching & Ethics


Course Overview

In this program, you will explore your ethical values and passions to find your own True North—an inner compass to guide you when nothing else can—and lay a firm foundation for management that will inspire new levels of success. Authentic Management & Leadership is the impact of which we are being as we speak and act that leaves the greatest imprint on others. Authentic manager relies on persuasion and persuasion relies on trust.

Course Aims & Objectives

  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Taking Your Skills to the Next Level

In the process, you will become better able to:

  • Lead with integrity through difficult and pressure-filled challenges
  • Understand the impact of your life story and your crucibles on your leadership
  • Learn from feedback and daily challenges you encounter
  • Balance your motivations to find the “sweet spot” of your capabilities
  • Adapt leadership style to different scenarios, while remaining true to your values
  • Be a more effective manager by developing greater confidence in your capabilities
  • Lead an integrated life that enables you to balance your work and home life

Course Contents

  • Examining Your Leadership Journey
    • Analyzing formative experiences to find critical lessons that inform your leadership
    • Recognizing and overcoming personal impulses that can lead to problematic behavior
  • Discovering Courage in your Authentic Management
    • Becoming more self-aware by benefiting from honest feedback
    • Integrating different “buckets” of your life: family, community, friends, and career
  • Putting Your Authentic Management into Action
    • Identifying & establishing your purpose as a cornerstone of your leadership approach
    • Leading by the culture of authenticity, high standards, and shared responsibility
    • Creating a plan to help you achieve your leadership potential

Belbin Test

Belbin test identifies people’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses in workplace and helps:

  • Individuals establish productive working relationships
  • Select and develop high-performing teams
  • Identify talent in the workplace and share problem solving works


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