Degree Programmes


Foundation Programmes: Foundation programmes  can train yo in variety of subjects. They are great if you yet do not meet the admissions criteria for an undergraduate level or if you simply want to do a shorter course. Furthermore, if your financial situation does not allow you to study full degree Foundation Courses course can be viable option as, depending on subject and location, the courses tend to be slightly cheaper. Either way, they will bridge your knowledge gap and will prepare you for future undergraduate intake should the time come.

Undergraduate Degrees: Our partners are carefully  selected and highly recognized educational institutions. Our focus is on international students wishing to study at lively UK. It can be very confusing, as we mentioned at our SERVICE/COUNSELLING category. Additionally, BA., BSc. BEng., LLB., which one will you be? For interests in Business, Finance, Arts, Marketing, HR, Law, Engineering and many more, GET IN TOUCH!

Postgraduate Qualifications: Due to our access to a huge portfolio of Masters Degree Programmes ,MBA’s or Doctorates we are very confident to ensure you get on the right course with the right institution. At this stage, you most likely know what you want to do and what you need, now you must just find the affordable school that will provide the right resources and good support throughout.

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